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What is CBD Hemp Flower?

CBD hemp flower is the smokable bud of the hemp plant. CBD is found in the greatest abundance in the flower of the hemp plant and smokable CBD hemp flower is a premium-grade CBD source for your smoking pleasure.

The hemp plant can be grown indoor, outdoor or in greenhouses and is cared for with extreme attention in order to secure a premium crop. Once the CBD flower is harvested, it gets cured (or dried) before the buds get trimmed by hand (or sometimes machines) and packed for consumption.

Harvest of hemp flower usually takes place in October of every year in an event known as “Croptober”. Indoor growers may harvest multiple times per year since they “trick” the plants into faster flowering cycles and boost the hemp flower with powerful added nutrients.

The buds of industrial hemp look, smell and taste just like cannabis but they do not create any psychoactive effect in the consumer. Most consumers smoke hemp flower for the therapeutic benefits of the terpenes in hemp and the rich cannabinoid content.

Thanks to the increased demand for CBD, hemp has quickly become one of the world’s most talked-about crops. Scientists, manufacturers, and farmers have high hopes for the many potential uses of this humble plant. In addition to its high CBD count, hemp shows great promise in fields ranging from paper and packaging to biofuel and beauty products. With so many proposed uses, it’s understandable why hemp has become such a hot topic.