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CBG Rich

CBG Rich

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Our CBG Rich hemp flower displays beautiful frost white coloring, with trichomes riddled all over the light green buds. CBG flower has a mild flavor and aroma, the most notable being almond, chamomile, cream and citrus. Users report this is a great strain to enjoy at virtually anytime, due to it effects being slightly focusing or stimulating, but not in an overwhelming way.  Many users enjoy mixing CBG flower with a more terpene rich strain to enjoy a fuller spectrum of flavor and effects.

  • Sativa - Uplifting
  • Smell proof, air-tight seal
  • 2 Pre-Rolls, 100% fresh ground buds

Product Details:

Strain: Uplifting Sativa
Terpene Profile: Almond, Cream, Haze

75mg+ CBG per Joint
80mg+ Total Cannabinoids per Joint

Made with the same Indoor CBD Hemp Flower buds you can find in our flower tins, our pre-rolls are a convenient way to experience the highest quality CBD flower. We never use shake, trim, or any low quality bio-mass material that would jeopardize the quality of our joints. We believe in using the highest quality material to create the highest quality experience. Each joint is rolled in organic hemp paper and features a hemp crutch-mouthpiece. The most flavorful, and potent CBD Hemp Pre-Rolls available. Enjoy

  •     2 Joints / 0.6 Grams Each / 1.2 - 1.5 Gram True Net Weight.
  •     Ships In Air Tight Glass Tube to Preserve Freshness
  •     100% Organic, Trimmed Flower Buds, Rolled in Organic Hemp Paper
  •     No additives, no cutting agents, no pesticides.
  •     3rd Party Lab Tested for quality and legal compliance
  •     Cultivated In Portland, Oregon.